“whoa the queen died?” is masto’s immune system trying to prevent this network from becoming a news source

Thinking about:

Going outside
Driving my car
Opening doors

*Me, seeing all the snow my mufos are getting* Oh yeah, lot of snow here too, looks like a full millimeter

Zoomers will mock me for using gifs, but that's fine because they'll become increasingly isolated from the rest of their peers as more and more of their formative years are spent in quarantine.

Apple naming their chips AX and MX just means they're taking naming conventions from the British highway system

Sometimes it is striking how much you don't know someone.

Saw a great username that was unfortunately saddled with an absolute idiot of an owner. (thehoesmakeththeman)

I dunno man, maybe sending a "Let me join" message to the subreddit mods of a very obviously English speaking subreddit in what appears to be German means I'm just not going to let you in.

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The second rule of Smores Town is: HAVE A NICE DAY.