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You're driving down the timeline. Suddenly, at the crossroads, you see two APCs blocking the road. You pull up and a soldier tells you that the road ahead is blocked due to an accident, a tanker truck hauling a load of my posts jackknifed and overturned. He directs you down a side access road, and tells you a mile down there will be a sign indicating how to get back to the main road. When you get home, you watch the news. Post runoff has contaminated the water supply. A duck says "foreskin".

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When you're in a dystopic society but you're just resigned to it, that's Ohwellian.

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Like General Zod before me, I have been locked into the Phantom Zone of to protect the rest of the Fediverse.

Told my wife she's my #1 big titty bitch. She just said "good".

Setting up a Patreon so you can fund me not posting. My goals are just the square of the number of days you want me to stop posting per week, times $100 (so $100 for 1, $400 for 2 etc...)

Polyamory? Yeah if I hadda name the most tolerable British person I know it’s polly amory

The eye exam went well today, was very quick and they did not pressure me to buy glasses from them. I imagine I will use them again next year for my exam.

I put off listening to The Bullet That Missed because a lot of reviews said that the new narrator was bad, but I'm listening to it now and she's perfectly fine??? I honestly can't remember the difference between the narrator from the first two.

People on this truck stop of a website continue their tradition of doing it to themselves

I made the Plato's Allegory of the Cave header on the Beggar's Facebook page

I finished my Regular Show rewatch the other day and now I'm thinking about doing a FitD Regular Show game called Dudes in the Park but I simply have no energy for game design.

Almost responded to a poll about a plothook with "better game"

I wonder if the people behind the Natural Harvest cookbook have or for the InstantPot or an Air Fryer

My cat climbed on top of me and then spent five minutes trying to figure out what configuration I would allow where he could lie down and have his front paws on my neck (none).

I will absolutely bully you if you ask me to CW misinformation.


Shut the fuck up you weiner. Go outside and touch grass.

Well, if you're a fan of Judy Greer you should watch Reboot on Hulu.

🙏 to @ItsJenNotGabby for giving this a fave. I thought it was brilliant and no one interacted. She is truly a peach

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The second rule of smores town is: HAVE A NICE DAY.