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Bb minor
best key on piano
don't @ me
(or do @ me
happy to elaborate)

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hiring an editor solely for this "Yo! M-shimi Rap Battles The Pink Robots" post where you can only post in those Dark Souls message templates

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scorching 90s music take 

Breeders > Pixies instance where you can't use the letter 'e'... well, unless you need to

waking up in a cold sweat to post 'Vim Peaks'

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Hi, I made this: Steve Miller Band’s ‘The Joker’ but the Wah-wah Sound Happens After Every Line

corporate coffee super mundane 

Confirmed what I've thought for a long time — Starbucks coffee has more caffeine than Dunkin Donuts (roughly 150%)

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The second rule of Smores Town is: HAVE A NICE DAY.