Bb minor
best key on piano
don't @ me
(or do @ me
happy to elaborate)

@deianeira (Just sticking to the usual majors/minors)
- All the keys have 2 half steps, the rest are whole steps
- Those 2 half steps are the most powerful steps. (Subjective)
- I don't like those half steps to be white-to-white keys. Black/white combo is better. (Subjective...)
- That limits us to Db major / Bb minor / B major / G# minor (right?)

@deianeira 2/2
- Minor beats major. (Drama factor? dunno.)
- So Bb minor or G# minor?
- Here's the kicker: It's way more satisfying to half-step up II-III or V-VI PHYSICALLY UPWARD, white-to-black (SUBJECTIVE). It just feels right, compared to physically stepping black-down-to-white as you go up a semitone. (Mega subjective)
- Therefore Bb minor wins! Go play that scale up and down a bit. It's so fun. Just feels right. (Or at least ties with Db major.)

@touk I wish I could imagine the scale in my head. I will play it and report back, thank you for sharing :)

@deianeira Realized I interchanged "key" as both the "scale" and the physical keys... you get it though.

@touk I will have to experiment with it more on the keys. I find it immediately enchanting on the guitar. One finds themselves leaning towards those suspending (as in air), off-kilter, discomforting leads that stay on track and in key but put you on edge.

I've always appreciated the guitar players committing to the "wrong thing" and this gives a context in which you are invited to the "wrong thing", but in key?

You're definitely right that you get the most "conversation" out of the half-steps.

@deianeira Better articulated than my answer, which was more about the physical mapping of the scale to the hands!

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