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I tried to introduce my 8YO nephew to Braid last night, but lo and behold, it's another 32-bit casualty of MacOS Catalina.

I was surprised such a high-profile game has not been updated to 64-bit, and that's how I learned they're releasing an Anniversary Edition next year 😐 (which I'm sure will work on 64-bit Mac)

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For the record, I'm totally annoyed with Apple about Catalina, not devs.

Catalina killed a lot of software and games I have (including my own) in exchange for... dunno, dark mode? What else? Huge loss of functionality for small benefits.

Lose 32-bit support when you buy a new system? Totally acceptable.

Lose 32-bit support when you upgrade your OS, on hardware which has been perfectly fine running 32-bit software for years? A slap in the face. 💥

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games mundane 

Now I introduced him to Dark Souls (bad idea?) and was legit shocked he beat the first boss ~third try.

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