3, on a *gear guy voice* Yamaha PortaSound PSS-130 that can only play two notes at once

4, something quick on a VTech Zoo Jamz Xylophoneβ„’οΈŽ [real]

5, a bit louder, back to my old stomping grounds (FL Studio) πŸ“ 🧑

6, attempted creepy banjo, this didn't really come together nicely but as you can hear a baby was waking up next to me 😬


7, it's past midnight but this was super fun PICO-8 practice 😭

et al

Β· Β· 4 Β· 3 Β· 5

8, library πŸ‘ outdoors πŸ‘ coffee πŸ‘ sleeping baby πŸ‘ public rainbow-colored xylophone πŸ‘

9, ok, it was late, this is all I can offer, a loop... I resisted the urge to install and start learning a new tracker at 11PM...

10, back on the Yamaha PortaSound, just a blues riff while we have some quiet

11, another practice, ran out of time to flesh this out more 🚦

loop self crit 

needed 10 more minutes...

the big arp that comes in is too loud. also it needs to do more than just repeat those 4 chords. and that background tone that joins around 25 sec or whatever neither sounds good nor adds anything interesting.

oh well gotta make #12 tonight

@touk love how it just starts going full avant garde at 40s but, since you maintained the rhythm and progression you established using those first 40s, it still sounds perfectly coherent!

@touk that's very fun! I like your PICO-8 glitches - you used the tool well!

- a Packbat πŸŽ’ 🎧 ✨

@touk love it. would you mind if I sample it and use it for some granular stuff?

@touk thanks! then it'll be in my next looptober (probably tomorrow)

@Aleums lol please PLEASE license it from me, Aleums Corp Inc.!!

@touk very cool! I love the percussion loop and the sub-bass and all the little weird sound-effect-y details.

- Packdragon maybe 🐲 (?) ✨

@oleksiy Always wanted to make a goofy topdown RPG but I never had a good idea to start one πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

@touk I've once seen a video of some indie developer saying that he started making some game because he found some chord progression that sounded like a good soundtrack. you can also start with this track :)

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