3, on a *gear guy voice* Yamaha PortaSound PSS-130 that can only play two notes at once

4, something quick on a VTech Zoo Jamz Xylophoneβ„’οΈŽ [real]

5, a bit louder, back to my old stomping grounds (FL Studio) πŸ“ 🧑

6, attempted creepy banjo, this didn't really come together nicely but as you can hear a baby was waking up next to me 😬

7, it's past midnight but this was super fun PICO-8 practice 😭

et al

8, library πŸ‘ outdoors πŸ‘ coffee πŸ‘ sleeping baby πŸ‘ public rainbow-colored xylophone πŸ‘

@touk love it. would you mind if I sample it and use it for some granular stuff?

@touk thanks! then it'll be in my next looptober (probably tomorrow)

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