*glues 2 phones together to double all its specs*

you, marveling at a modern smartphone:
isn't it amazing what we can fit in 6 mm?!

me, brain glowing brighter than the sun:
yes. now imagine if we had 12 mm.

@touk I want this plus a physical keyboard, but Dell Venue Pro style

@touk think of poor Tom Cook and the need for forced obsolesce to drive profits. Think of those poor google and apple sharholders! The overseas banks and stock brokers who depend on this! You are a threat to ze capitalist order itself, and I am going to report you to our nearest fusion center. Yay capitalism, US govt please dont shoot me now...

@touk fairphone is pretty good in this regard: it's modular + repairable

@dumpsterqueer @touk Alas, for those of us outside of Europe, they don't ship or provide support so obtaining it and also any replacement parts would be a non-trivial task.

@dumpsterqueer @stelepami Yeah, if they expand to the US, that new 4 model sounds pretty nice

@touk @dumpsterqueer @stelepami What was that phone with the switches where you can turn off certain services like bluetooth?

Librem5 (exposed switches outside the cover) and Pinephone (back cover has to be removed which is easy enough).
@touk @dumpsterqueer @stelepami

@touk pine64 has an alternative phone, but it's probably not as thick as you want.

@dumpsterqueer @touk and they removed the headphone jack in the new model 🤦

@touk Wait, what? Apparently I live in a parallel world where 1 doesn't need smartphones. But why in the world shouldn't they have headphone jacks? Did I miss something? I mean, no radio and no headphones? Or just these stupid Bluetooth headphones with non-replaceable batteries, which you have to throw away after 3 years when the batteries die? Oh wait, I read something about smartphones with non-replacable batteries too! 🤯 Abolish smartphones. #capitalism @be @dumpsterqueer

@touk i want a computer thats still the size of an apartment block, just now it can run 400 different games of red dead redemption in parallel and needs special ontological limiters installed to prevent sentience cascade

@touk for real tho, my phone doesnt come with a replaceable battery so what i did was just glue a battery pack to the back of my phone and i have no regrets

@touk If I had a mobile the size of a Betamax cassette with a full travel keyboard I would be unstoppable

@touk protip: if you glue them with their screens, they will never get scratched!

@rysiek @touk
Speaking of which, what is so damned wrong with a flip-open cover?

Good enough for Star Fleet, isn't it?

@vandys The phone I'm on has one! 💪 I fear it'll be the last phone I own that still offers it :(

@touk I'd be happy with a microSD card slot so I can choose the amount of storage I want. I don't need much on the eMMC drive. Yup, definitely check the Fairphone out. Looks pretty good to me.

@touk toukphone:
No camera
No microphone
No touch screen
20cm thick
10 Terabyte hard drive

@touk @rysiek thank you. If you have a "camera bump", you missed an opportunity to just make the phone that thick and fill the space with battery, etc.

@darrenpmeyer @touk @rysiek

  • eink displays

most of the battery drain is from lighting up the screen. give me eink displays with the option to plug in an external power colored display.

@touk so you want a Pinephone then :thinkhappy:

The software isn't quite ready tho, but it's getting there.

@touk buttons, monochrome screens, and batteries that don't need to be plugged in 24 hours a day so that google can run fancier adverts

@sinvega @touk Those e-paper screens were cool. I like color, but e-paper displays were really easy on both batteries and eyes.

@sinvega @touk Exactly. The Palm Pilot got a lot of stuff right.

Let's be honest, what we really needed was bigger pockets, not thinner phones 🤪

@touk I haven't tried this phone personally, they're a bit expensive and theres long waits on orders. but i've been keeping an eye on the project for a couple years.

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