Dear @alex I have a Bandcamp question

@alex You said play counts improve search visibility (and maybe other things)

If you stream a track, obviously it's counted.
If you download MP3 and play elsewhere, obviously that's NOT counted.

What about download-and-play within the app, even later offline? I sure hope those are tallied and counted. (Surely they have handled this right??)

@alex Basically if I play Y Sides 5000 times I want you to get those stats

@touk hmmmm this is what they say

* A “direct” visit includes someone entering your URL directly into their browser, clicking on a browser bookmark, clicking on a link in a non-web-based email client (like Mail on the Mac), or clicking on a link in any other non-web-based program that might display links, like an IM client or RSS reader.
Your own visits (while logged in) don’t count toward your stats."

doesn't mention the app at all

but my numbers look good?

@alex Yeah they must count. BC understands this. I'll have to loop a track all day and prove it 🍻

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