masto word filters 

I don't use filters much, but it's so weird to me that you can set timed filters as short as 30 minutes (???) but can't set longer than 1 week (???).
what if I didn't want to see "christmas" for a month, etc


masto UI complain 


I'd like to set filter lengths between "7 Days" and "Eternity"! (eg. 1 Month? many hashtags and seasonal topics are ~monthly!)

Meanwhile you can Mute somebody as short as 5 Minutes(?? seems silly to me)

And the Filters UI gives no indication of which filters are active / when they expire 😤

Maybe a notification when a filter expires... a simple Snooze-like button to renew it? instead of several screens?

masto UI complain 

@touk I really wish mute had levels, too— there are people I like who just post a lot, and about stuff that doesn't overlap that much with my interests

So I either see everything they say or if I mute them, when I look at someone else's thread there are gaps because the replies by the chatty person have been removed

Let me see the repliessssssss

masto UI 

@Louisa That's a good idea, only mute in home/lists?

While we're at it, I wish I could view someone's profile and hide all their boosts, just view their original posts!

masto UI 

@Louisa [waiting for somebody who's good at web dev to implement these] 💀

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