bless the TOTYs for being the only "_____ of the Year" awards brave enough to actually count through December 31st and thus announcing them in January

skate / tricks of the year 

might repost the TOTY winning clips here. because I feel like it. if the video uploads work.

skate / tricks of the year 

OK, it seems I can attach media again, you're all in trouble now...

skate tricks of the year 1/? 

The most overdone type of comment on every skateboard clip is like "What is this, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater??" or "Wow, these SKATE 3 graphics are so realistic"

but this clip that went mini-viral is the rare one that actually deserves the comparison; this 50-50 almost 720掳 around a circle is some straight-out-of-a-videogame nonsense 馃攣

skate tricks of the year 2/? 

FOTY award lol yes

Filmer does a lil trick? sure

Filmer does a suuuper smooth varial heel without looking? rad 馃帴

skate tricks of the year 3/? 

This clip is madness, I had never seen it before.

That is a serious drop into a steep looking bank, a wall to the left, (metal?) ropes to the right, and those weird bumps at the bottom ready to grate you like cheese. Also the way he got tossed on that first attempt - my ankle would have exploded.

skate tricks of the year, finalists 

I never posted the rest of the TOTY clips because:

- technical problems uploading media
- realized I didn't need to post every clip, just the ones I had specific comments about
- time passed, I forgot, whatever

but I'll share the 5 finalists / winner


skate tricks of the year, finalists 

These are the 5 finalist tricks they chose. They're all good, but it goes to show their taste, they definitely select huge/gnarly tricks over complex/creative/original.

skate tricks of the year, thoughts 

Clip #2 (Felipe Nunes who lost his legs at age six, here 5-0 handrail) I love Felipe, he's an inspiration, but I don't expect a medium 5-0 to win TOTY

#3 (monstrous ollie down stairs-flat-stairs into street) WOW, madness, dangerous landing. But at its core it's just a huge ollie!

#4 (monstrous boardslide up-over-down handrail) Also madness, but at its core just a long boardslide!!


skate tricks of the year, thoughts 


Clip #5 (360 flip noseblunt down hubba) Arguably most complicated trick, and big, but it's been done for ~20 years. Famous spot I think (name escapes me right now) and skateboarders sure love their famous spots...

#1 (5050-gap-5050 down two series handrails) Wild, I've possibly never seen this before, to gap mid-handrail is always bonkers. (Might not seem so impressive to non-skaters?) I wanted it to win of these 5 - and it did! Good for this guy. 馃弳

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