I like any kind of music, except Country and Rap! 😁 Well, also Rock. And Metal, Blues, Jazz. Industrial, Techno. No Alternative, no Ska, no Acid or House. No Trip-Hop, Southern Rock, Soul, Pop-Folk. Don't like Darkwave, Cabaret, Lo-Fi, Christian Rap. No Symphonic Rock, Celtic, no Booty Bass, Power Ballad, Primus, Indie. No Jpop, Synthpop or Thrash Metal. NO Shoegaze, Psybient or Illbient, IDM or EBM, Dubstep, Trop Rock, Podcast, Noise. Never Emo or Anime. No Vocal or Noise! I do like Sound Clip.

@touk "I like all kinds of music except country and rap" and "The best music is from the 80s" are said by the same kinds of people.

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