It’s been a long time since I’ve built anything with an Arduino. Perhaps too long. Are those still cool? Or did we all switch to Raspberry Pi?


@ashfurrow For me the Arduino --> Pi boundary is whenever you need wifi or A/V out

@touk All I want is an LED to blink to remind me when to switch position of my sit/stand desk, and a barometric pressure sensor to kick off a half-hour countdown until the LED starts blinking again. Seems doable with an Arduino!

Part of me wants to also send stats over the local network and keep track of my desk activity, but I need to kill that particular cop in my head.

@ashfurrow Exactly, if it's just local inputs/outputs I'd go Arduino, as soon as you want to upload data I'd say Pi and Python

@ashfurrow @touk Hahaha fighting the impulse to track oneself is important indeed 😅

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