immediately throwing order to the wind, and jumping to #28, Orson Welles' sub-90-minute "F for Fake"

4YO just watched the first 39 minutes with me (?!)

F for Fake 

a '''head-spinning''' discussion of art and value and forgery and career, great mixing of old and new footage, weirdly relevant in the age of NFTs, laugh out loud funny at times, I liked it, if you forced me at gunpoint to rate it I'd say 4 maybe 4.5 stars (big maybe)

I put '''head-spinning''' in triple quotes because I mean it in at least three ways

The Naked Jungle 

My thematic double feature is adaptations from this old comp I love "Great Short Tales of Mystery and Terror". This based on "Leiningen vs the Ants"

Movie's from 1954, so you can imagine the quality of effects of billions of deadly ants attacking a plantation...

How do they extend an ant attack to 90 minutes? Well, you add a main plotline about Leiningen marrying a woman he's never met, who seems TOO perfect, he's furious to learn she was MARRIED BEFORE 😨

I've watched 2 movies in 2 days (please clap) and memorable quotes include "Poor, forked radish" and "Tell me about spoons", and I'm sensing a pattern here

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 

OK, in my hasty opinion, this was better than the first one, in most ways? Decently funny, better action and story, some side characters got more time to shine. Despite a pop music dance-off scene, intentionally absurd product placement, Idris Elba's inconsistent voice acting.

For context, I had rock bottom expectations for #1, thought it turned out OK, and thought 2 was better. Like, I want to rate this ~4 stars (on an inflated watched-with-kids scale)

Rollerball 1975 

I.... .... ...... .. kinda loved it

Rollerball 1975 

James Caan and the main villain gave low energy, muted, mumbly performances. Some of the sets felt cheap or silly or generic. They didn't go deep enough into scifi worldbuilding. Simplistic themes. Some messy video and audio editing.
5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Perfect film

Rollerball 1975 

Sincerely though, I barely knew this existed (vaguely remember the 2002 remake marketing, just watched that trailer, it features Limp Bizkit's Rollin, incredible)

Loved this whole movie. What a mix of "action sports movie" and "70s dystopian scifi". Practical effects that are a blast 47 years later!!!! Just rollerskating, punching guys off motorcycles, dunking metal spheres, classical organ music 24/7, questioning what society has turned you into, etc, dudes rock.

chores before ten, movie night again ⏳

Karnal / Of the Flesh (1983, Filipino) 


*horrified, not gleeful, screaming

Karnal / Of the Flesh (1983, Filipino) 

I don't see myself forever reviewing movies on Letterboxd, BUT for this festival I might steal others' habit of writing thoughts there and linking it here

Anyway, Karnal was great but DARK

"Near Dark" inter-library loan arrived 😱

Battle of Algiers thoughts incoming, but now it's time for some tea + Touki Bouki

Touki Bouki, minor spoiler 

my dude what are you doing betting 1000 bucks on three card monte first try

"Eyes Without a Face/Off" could be a slick double feature....

dang, might put on a movie EARLY (9:30 pm)

Don't Look Now (1973) 

I held/off on Face/Off and jumped back to finish my double feature, adaptations from this short story compilation I love.

So I've read the story, I know what's going to happen, I know the big twist, I've *seen* the big twist, I've *seen* several key scenes...

in fact this is the first (hopefully only) of my 30 where I'm watching it wondering "wait have I watched this whole movie before?? and I forgot??" Very possible since it's light on story and heavy on visuals and mood.

Spirited Away, a spoiler 

I've been meme-level aware of Masky McNoFace for a billion years, but somehow unaware that he/it eats people and grows into a big monster 💫

I am uncomfortable rating media on a numeric/star scale, and currently I am Conflicted Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm GIF'ing really bad on rating Spirited Away 😬

Approaching the halfway point of and I'm 2.25 movies behind schedule (meaning I'm 75% through a movie) [my second-longest pick?] {anyway I'm not as far behind as expected}

Near Dark (1987, Bigelow) 

Near Dark, and I never use this word, owns

Near Dark is up there with Rollerball on my arbitrary scale of, like,
(how good was it) x (how much did I enjoy watching it) / (expectations and hype)

we boutta watch this "Face, Off" movie (???)

fictional children death 

Face/Off was good after an unlikable start

but more importantly my thus far has 4/12 movies in which child(ren) die(s), jeeeeez

Akira goes in the very specific category of ""good movie, then I watched the trailer afterward – trailer sucks! that would not have made me watch the movie!!""

dark and stormy night — I should watch...

I watched The Fly! I'm already done! Only 96 minutes! It's good! I expected an immediate transformation! I was wrong (or forgot)!

The Fly is a silly little story about how Machine Learning never actually understands what humans mean

We are 2/3 through the month and I am 1/2 through my movie list. I like the fractions.

I didn't hate it as much as other people did 👀 but it sure was underwhelming after years of wanting to check it out. Best Picture???


The French Connection opinion 

rewinding The French Connection and trying to find this good car chase that's supposedly in there

new to Letterboxd 

me, all month: ugh, I wish LB would like, fade out movies you've seen, when you're looking through lists

*literally the first option in the list filters dropdown*: FADE WATCHED FILMS

new to Letterboxd 

You can also sort lists chronologically. Less of a revelation but also something I wanted.

Mississippi Burning (1988) 

Serious thoughts aside, this movie has Willem Dafoe as an agent in a suit shouting "Mister Anderson" :gunhand:​😎

Also 1980s Frances McDormand 👀

While I have Letterboxd and Tim Rogers on the mind, I wondered "hey are Tim Rogers' beyond-feature-length YouTube videos on Letterboxd" [two of them are!]

My wife has an acute case of the Sleepy, so I am adjusting tonight's plan and watching 2016 Laotian horror movie "Dearest Sister" in the dark ☺️

It was okay... less horror than I expected!

committing an absolute Crime Against Cinema by being partially through two movies at once (Strange Days and Yojimbo)

stuck at work when I have 10 movies to watch before midnight 😩

Portrait of a Lady on Fire 


Portrait of a Lady on Fire, spoiler? 

I was totally in their world for 1 hour 57 minutes and then the orchestra hits the exact same music that Force Majeure starts with (Vivaldi's Summer) in case you want to have two panic attacks at once

"Portrait of a Lady on Fire" is a film about a woman who can draw and paint well, which is very emotionally taxing on me, a dude who went in already frustrated that I can't draw. *touches earpiece* I'm receiving word that it is not just about drawing and painting.

@touk Letterboxd has kind of a love-hate relationship with feature-length YT videos but weirdly has way fewer qualms with, like, TV

@derek I don't see TR's 8.5-hour Cyberpunk review on there 😤

Portrait of a Lady on Fire 

@touk that’s right

Portrait of a Lady on Fire 

@ct Didn't it win an Oscar?? Or did they not submit it for anything so it was stuck in just "foreign film"

Portrait of a Lady on Fire 

@touk If wasn’t even nominated, France submitted Les Miserables instead!

@ct What the! I thought it won an Oscar. Also Adele Haenel did this and then basically quit acting??

@touk Yeah, I don’t know if she’s coming back. I hope so! I watched Sciamma’s “Water Lillies” for MFF and she’s also quite good in that

Portrait of a Lady on Fire 

@touk ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Portrait of a Lady on Fire 

@touk best movie.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire, spoiler? 

@touk I love that movie so so much!

Portrait of a Lady on Fire, spoiler? 

@touk just reading "and then the orchestra hits" makes my eyes fill with tears i'm so happy you watched this movieeeee

Portrait of a Lady on Fire, spoiler? 

@neoncoughh couldn't look away for 2 hours

@touk i don’t know what makes me feel more great: this post or ghosts

new to Letterboxd 

@touk oh nice, i didn't know it did that!

The French Connection opinion 

I don't know if it was intentional but the foley editor using precisely the same sample of squealing tires throughout the "good" car chase was something I found very distracting.

The French Connection opinion 

@floppyplopper I didn't notice that! I should rewatch the scene. Maybe I'll like it better without the expectations.

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