that's me in the corner
that's me in the ice box
choosing plum nutrition

@touk I simply have to applaud how sweaty the landing is here

@derek sometimes they write themselves, ya know

@touk @clive Gold! The melody instantly started playing in my head as I read the last line.

@BusterNutz77 @touk I thought that I saw you saving
I thought that I saw your lunch

I think I thought I heard you crunch

@touk Auuugh. This song got an absurd amount of radio play back during my first job. I am now having flashbacks to working in the kitchen of a nursing home.

@touk That's me tomorrow
That's me not forgiving
That's me wishing for something cold and sweet

@touk Consider this

Consider this, please won’t you forgive me

They were so cold and so sweet


you probly wanted a few,
but, so sweet, I couldn’t undo it
so cold, i ate too much
I ate them up.

@ericdaryl @touk This is just to say how amazed I am that you turned REM into William Carlos Williams so smoothly

@jimenezvirosta @touk For better or worse, I’ve been singing this in my head (mostly) for two days now… to the point that this morning I couldn’t remember the original lyric behind “ice box.” Took me 10 minutes to remember “spotlight..”

“choosing plum nutrition” is unbeatable.

@ericdaryl @touk hahaha and now I will never be able to forget about this hahaha


tryna keep breakfast from you
And I don't know if I should do it
Oh no
I ate too much
I ate em all

@touk this is easily one of the best posts I have ever seen

@sexybenfranklin I missed when it hit 420 faves, so what's the point 😞

@touk FOR-give me, oh FOR-give me
I've got your fridge
I've got your frozen plums

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