lmao my bot-in-progress just generated this image. I feel like any permutation of the three labels remains true.

Just in time for *squints* mid-November...
here's a which simply posts frames from 1977's "Halloween is Grinch Night"
➡️ @grinchnight

After a trial period, I'll probably set it to only post in October...

The Biggest Gaming News of 2020 is that I'm touching up this 15-minute spikejumper from July 2013

I'm going through @-replies to @xkcdremix (love them) and enjoying when people point out 3-panels that are better as 2-panels, eg:

Search for an old skate video +++ !!! 

- It WAS posted to YouTube, thankfully, in 2008 (29k views and 53 comments in 12 years... so fairly obscure)
- It WAS for a contest, the long-defunct "Way of the Warriors"
- It WAS future Spiderman stuntman William Spencer in it

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Search for an old skate video +++ !!! 

FOUND IT, via the best/worst search tool of all... the human brain

- An unrelated skate video on that CD-R was called "GOD.wmv"
- This triggered a memory: Weren't they called the "God Squad"?
- YES, that was the searchable clue I needed, then it all came together

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