I ported over my oldest Twitterbot ever,

except because I care about @muffinista server more than Twitter's, it will only preserve one daily post rather than years of GIFs...

🤖 @whatdayitwas

John Cardiel dropped into this in 1998,

Jim Greco ollied into it in 2003,

then I don't think anything was landed until Milton Martinez's kickflip in 2019
(after breaking his ankle ollieing it in 2016)

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gamedev via Eraserhead 

telling myself this, but it's

IN 2021
you can play with sdl 2.0.14

Yes, a Supreme hoodie. Correct. I don't see the problem here.

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Thrasher hoodie? No, you specifically asked for a "Thra's her" hoodie.

lmao my bot-in-progress just generated this image. I feel like any permutation of the three labels remains true.

Just in time for *squints* mid-November...
here's a which simply posts frames from 1977's "Halloween is Grinch Night"
➡️ @grinchnight

After a trial period, I'll probably set it to only post in October...

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