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box set! πŸŒƒ

(knowingly not pictured: seed kit,
accidentally not pictured: 3 button pins)

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skateboarding skeleton 

sister knows me too well; got me a print of this

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*looks at calendar* Is gaslighting me?

or by the distributive property,
(1 vs Space) Godzilla

I swear I wrote "PICO 8 my homework" BEFORE stumbling upon this:

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Wait, even simpler way?! Again: Firefox Android

1. Open YouTube video (assuming "mobile" mode that pauses when you turn phone screen off)
2. Pop open the browser menu and enable "Desktop site"
3. Now play video and you can listen with phone screen off(?!)

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Android + Firefox, I make no guarantees:

1. Start your YouTube video
2. Switch to another tab (the playback stops)
3. In the tab switcher, hit that little Play icon
4. The audio should resume playing?
5. You can now browse other tabs, other apps, turn screen off, and keep listening(?!?)

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🎢 Despite all my rage, I am still not in

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The second rule of Smores Town is: HAVE A NICE DAY.