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dune, surely been done 

Dune 2: Arrakis Boogaloo ?

@ryen Ooh well I recommend all their previous full lengths (New Driveway, Toxic Planet) short (Party Destroyer) and standalone track Heat Wave... all rad

@ryen I'm just withering away waiting for them to release these tracks, especially the Cadillac one around 14:08

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if you like skate vids and power disco then I have the perfect link for you

Worble and Cobra Man’s “Worble III” Video

@brion *sounds the I See What You Did There alarm* 🚨 🚨

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Who Would Win? the great powerful human brain, or 1 inserted exclamation mark

@Pixley wait. How have you not muted the word "dune" yet!?

@Thomas ??? Sorry, I do not remember making any movie called "The King"! But based on that title, it must have been about you! 👑

@Louisa Hard to say! I lost my sense of smell, trying to impress the crew by smoking two cigars through my nose.

Not to doxx myself, but, it's me! Actor Timothee Chalamet! Please go see my new movie Dune.

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