all would be perfect in the universe had that character said "ghastly" instead of "ghostly"

(is this a )

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behind the toot 

took me like 20 minutes to remember the word "departure". I was like Department? Departening? The Departed (2006) starring Matt Damon??

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@carithlee how many square feet of rye are we talkin here

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Traditional American jobs:

- fur trapper
- adulterer
- person injured in a sled crash
- fence whitewasher
- unemployed farmer
- sea captain driven to madness
- disillusioned journalist
- gold rush prospector
- southern lawyer
- catcher in the rye
- cowboy with a dark secret
- Jay Gatsby

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Accordians of weird Alaxy

*five days since a MovieBowl* damn, I miss MovieBowl

@alex not yet, but for $20 I will. or only $10 with a Toukey Plus $2 monthly subscription

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