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fuck it, I'm releasing my databending drum machine TONIGHT

make drum loops with percussive samples procedurally generated from opus codec glitches!~ 🥁💥💻

DUNE (Dartmouth University, New England)

@cicatriz_jdr At this point that's kind of His Whole Deal, from what I know of him via the Das Racist / Def Jux-iverse

bandcamp serious 

I really love Bandcamp (and probably talk about it too much)

but I was disappointed to learn recently that some features for musicians, which I'm 99% sure used to be free, are now behind a $120/year subscription:

Bandcamp/ merger canceled in the final stage (naming)

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releasing games encoded as audio on Bandcamp, and music packaged as games on itch, just to be a lil stinker 💁‍♂️

masto twitter birdsitelive 

mixed feelings on birdsitelive (basically one-click follow-twitter-accounts-from-masto) ...

@oleksiy ha 🙏 the music was the last thing I added, kept it simple because I'm new to P8's tiny music tool and never really made chiptune before

@oleksiy Thanks! I mapped out the "world" on graph paper for the original Flash version, and in the years since I've only changed like ~4 blocks, mostly to ease up the most difficult jumps.

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Windward-leewardfest 2020

Lineup includes:
* Fanthrash
* 10 Repot
* Nosegay Unrings
* The Thouettes
* Curtis Broadway & the Disconsolation
* Koufax George
* Whiff Whiff

I suffixed it "Unchecked-8" because it's actually a PICO-8 remake/demake of my own game, from 8 years ago

So I also released it as version 8.0

Both of these choices were silly, but whateverrr!!!

🚫 ☑️ 8️⃣

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This is surely the biggest game release on Mastodon this week!!!!!!!!!!!

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