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@courtney (Off topic but) this reminded me of a German friend who spent 2 years in the US referring to hammocks as "ham hocks", so thank you for that.

BTTF (spoilers???) 

• yeah, I knew much of it via our pop culture zeitgeist
• wasn't sure if they went to the past or future in this one
• did not expect a Libyan terrorist subplot
• more Past-Mom-has-a-crush-on-Marty than expected
• Ferris Bueller 'cool slacker teaches lanky guy to stick up for himself' vibes
• "Roads? Where we're going..." - didn't know this famous quote precedes car lifting up and flying away. huh.

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watching Back To The Future for the first time

@ranjit Who among us has never played that orange cat children's keyboard?

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@christianp 9x9=81 (carries the 8) and even if you carry 8 into another 9x9 column, you get 89 (still only carries 8) ? 🤔

hiring an editor solely for this "Yo! M-shimi Rap Battles The Pink Robots" post where you can only post in those Dark Souls message templates

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