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@touk a man, a plan, well actually lots of things didn't go according to plan, lots of people died and it's almost a miracle that it got built at all! But they did, they built a canal. Panama!

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guy who thinks a palindrome simply starts and ends with the same letter

dream nonsense quote 

Oh, you practice law? You practice medicine? Well I AM the law. I AM the medicine.

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Bandcamp's cut goes to the NAACP LDF:
- June 18

Then it's no-cut Bandcamp Fridays:
- August 6
- Sept 3
- Oct 1
- Nov 5
- Dec 3

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video game gore 

imagining a VR remake of the Dead Space eyeball scene

tfw ur post hits the Deltron Ratio (30:30)

🎤 My name is Touk and I'm here to say

All the post offices are closed today 🎶

10 years ago we had Steve Man's Sky, Johnny Sleep Till Brooklyn, and Bob Country For Old Men

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The second rule of Smores Town is: HAVE A NICE DAY.