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Bandcamp's cut goes to the NAACP LDF:
- June 18

Then it's no-cut Bandcamp Fridays:
- August 6
- Sept 3
- Oct 1
- Nov 5
- Dec 3

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pretty sure that if you crash a Tesla, tiny fuzzy animals come bounding out like whenever you destroy one of Dr. Eggman Robotnik's machines in the Sonic games.

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you ever see a CASE/ESAC statement in a shell script, and sit for a minute with the fact that that's the syntax, just give it a real deep think

from the makers of ...

labeling my car UBER / LYFT but in choppy ransom note lettering

ugghggg, I got 5 bitcoin, 100 shares of GameStop, and a Kings Of Leon NFT sitting around collecting dust. anybody want em??

sorry, this is eBaum's Land.
eBaum's World is in Florida.

X-Games, barely relevant in 2021? 

Tony Hawk, world famous for landing the first 900 at the 1999 X-Games (after the alotted time), curiously returns for the first time since 2003 (?!), only to lose to a kid landing the first 1080 (after the alotted time)

Felt very much like a passing-the-torch moment that everyone involved reeealllly wanted to happen (and it nearly didn't)

Also there was no real-time scoring and ranking? Everyone finished, and it was just kinda like "... ... the kid wins!!!"

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gene-splicing a squid with an octopus to create the perfect organism (squoctopus)

Please be aware that there will be, at least, one (1) grown adult Olympic athlete competing in Tokyo who does not eat any vegetables 💫

(2017 Skater Of The Year, Florida's own Jamie "Big Boy" Foy)

OpenGL stands for Open Gordon Lightfoot

I'm not a ""conspiracy guy"" but that halfpipe 1080 at the X-Games was surely a setup

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