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how is it that Toto is not all ex-Kansas members

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For every one (1) little thing I know about Dune, I have posted approx 200 bad Dune jokes

Dune spoiler 

Paul takes the worm oath

dune 2021 review: nothing happens. pass.

very bad. billy joel. sorry. 

🎶 Dune premiere is going on,
Donald Trump's on Mastodon,
Macbook touchbar went away,
What else do I have to say!

vast AND trunkless? in this economy?

"At the Fountains of Wayneness"
by Sta. C. Momcraft

Out with the ubiquitous, in with the newbiquitous

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just get rid of the bases. hit the ball, get a point.

"Los Angeles" is short for Libre / Open Source um Android with uhh OpenGL ES, but like, (???) jumbled..? 💫

at the end of Dune they discover the mostly destroyed Statue of Liberty in the distance [it was Earth all along]

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