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more like Spotty-Fi !!!! (connection is bad)

if I die once in a videogame, that's it, I am done. I'm not gonna become one of those retry guys

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Wake up!!
(Wake up)
kwisatz haderach a little makeup

for sale: apocryphal story, very short

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@touk this food was prepared in a kitchen that also prepares multitudes

Allergy Warning: may contain multitudes

boss makes a TikTok, I make a Vine,

If you wiggle your phone, Firefox's kerning grows wider and wider indefinitely

hello. just learned a new term, centipoise

datumsheet (it only tells you 1 spec)

"This ain't no Christian Mingle" is a powerful, incredibly versatile, any-situation declaration

Dune proposes fictional "mentats" (tats, for men)

eviscerated (electronically viscerated)

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The second rule of Smores Town is: HAVE A NICE DAY.