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"b&w movies are bad and boring" ah yes, I also saw Sin City 2 (2014)

🎶 Welcome to the Office Dunder-Mifflin,

JUST WALK OUT you can leave!!!

social thing
clothes shoppi
too fancy weed store
cops if your quick
friend ships
the Hotel California 🎸


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Tina Turner Simply The Best? 😏 actually, I find Tina Turner Complexly The Best

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country bad 

Repealing roe while also having a national formula shortage that the government is doing nothing about is so just, abhorrently evil that it's amazing to me that Americans feel like they can ever criticize any country about anything

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I own* 4 of these 16 movies, and I'm not necessarily proud of which ones.

*1 of those 4 I think I bulk donated during a move, like "meh I don't need to own this"

Forrest Gump is short for Forrested Gumpvelopment *ukelele strums*

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ME awareness day: what does "fatigue" feel like 

ME/CFS got saddled with a name that sucks. u say "chronic fatigue" and everyone's like "oh big mood" because tbf everyone is tired all the time in the late capitalist hellscape. so what's it feel like being on the receiving end of the "fatigue" in "CFS"?
at a metabolic level, it's something to do with an interaction of the immune system, the nervous system, the mitochondria. it's permanent, constant, there is literally no way to refresh ur energy.

in the winter months he is Snoe Biden

What's your favorite OS (operating system)?

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The second rule of smores town is: HAVE A NICE DAY.